Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I think I am going to make this my "personal thoughts" blog and just update everyone every-so often on the happenings of my family...

Life in the Valley is becoming a lot more comfortable. Though I miss the green and the rain, the atmosphere here has a quiet serenity that cannot be found in other places. My daily routine has transformed into a much more laid back attitude. I get up with Autumn, let Lilly out, feed them both, then spend the rest of the day talking with my amazing grandma and playing with my beautiful little girl. I am so low-key that it is driving me insane. I feel like I need to get out and go somewhere all the time. I need friends, I need people who want to do things. My husband comes home tired from work, only to find an anxious wife ready to go hiking. I fear for his sanity, almost as much as I fear for my own.

As I mentioned above, I need friends, and I do believe that Charlie and I have found some for the first time since time in forever. They are a lot like us and are very easy to talk with. I am hopeful :) I just pray that they found us likable as well...

I have come up with an idea that may solve part of my dilemma. I need a night job. Something to get me out of the house. I have applied for a few, and only a bakery has gotten back with me. Hmm... I would be baking from midnight to 7 a.m. every morning... It sounds sort of adventurous, yet has a hint of "blah" to it... I miss my animal rescue... I was rescuing a dog every two weeks. Oh well, sacrifice for the better good. Above all I want what is best for my family... and that probably requires a Mom that is always home and ready to love, care and protect, even if it means she is bored out of her mind.

Maybe I will hire a babysitter for one night a week...

Ohh so many Ideas, yet none seem to come through in the end.

Where is Charlie? I need a back massage...

Monday, August 4, 2008


I have slacked off on this "blogging" business. We have just been so busy getting everything settled. I am overjoyed to be here, it is so much nicer and comforting than Springfield MO. We are at my grandparents house for a time, until we can get school and everything figured. I love being with my grandma and grandpa, I feel like I am finally catching up on time lost from my life with them. Charlie really loves it here. He likes the mountains and the off-roading adventures :). We went exploring in Payson this past weekend, it was awesome, we just kept taking random dirt roads in the middle of the desert. Autumn is busy teething... it is TERRIBLE! I feel so bad about having such a cranky baby in the house... I am quickly trying to find a way to settle her down. I miss my family (specifically my mom :( ...) but I am still having a good time. Charlie has a new job. He started today... He rode his bike about 20 miles to work today, and plans on riding home too. I hope he isn't over doing it and has enough water... my poor red-head husband...

New Information I have learned:
NEVER see the new Mummy movie. TERR-I-B-B-BLE , that is, unless you go with people that want to just make fun of it...

My goals for today:
-Get my child to stop screaming all the time.
-Organize our little room
-Finish unpacking
-Plan Charlie's Birthday

My goals for the week:
-Make friends
-Gain better self-esteem
-Make the largest cupcake the world has ever seen

I will keep everyone updated on how my goals go...