Tuesday, January 3, 2012


If a someone was to come to my home they would most likely assume that my husband and I are huge gamers... Honestly, they would have every right to say that.  So far our "collection" consists of an original NES, a Super Nentendo, a Gamecube, a Nentendo 64 and (newly added this Christmas from my awesome parents) XBox 360 Kinect.  Not to mention about 10 different games per system. 
Here is when I say that the average amount of time spent gaming is about an hour per week.  Yeah, they really don't get much love.  The new XBox alone has gotten more playing time than the rest of the consoles combined in the past 6 months...
I know this subject really isn't going anywhere, really all I am doing is just letting my thoughts spill out of my ears while I stare at some of the game controllers sitting in front of me.  But honestly, maybe a "gaming" party is in order.

Now, since that is off my chest... Time to get down to the really special event that has been taking place today.

My dearest Autumn is... ugh, I can't say it... 4.  She is 4.  Where has the time gone?  I must say I feel the most old on my children's birthdays than I do on my own.  I may be only 23 years old, but my daughter turning 4 just makes me realize that she only has about 14 years left at home.
Autumn is such a doll.  Really, she is amazing.  She is kind, very quick-witted, extremely smart and gorgeous to boot. She really is lovely and she keeps me guessing every day. 

Here is a list of Autumn's favorite things right now:
favorite color: Rainbow ("I like every color")
favorite food: Hamburgers and French Fries
favorite activity: Hiking and camping
favorite movie: The little Mermaid

I am so excited to see what adventures we get to go on together this next year, my crazy Autumn and me.