Friday, January 29, 2010

20 hours away is too far....

I am having friend withdrawls....

About a year and a half ago, Charlie and I encountered 2 very amazing people.  I don't know how it happend so fast, but we really clicked with them well, enough that I would say they were and still are the best friends we have ever had.  They are just down right amazing people!  Since then they have added a beautiful little girl to their family and I couldn't be more sad that I haven't met her yet.  I know that they most likely have a ton of other friends and a lot of other people consider them their best friends, but you know, thats alright.  I am still incredibly grateful that I have had the privlage to have them in our lives.

Thank you so much Scott and Jenna.  I don't think you guys know how much you have upifted our little family.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gus is very large and in charge.

I cut my hair! And colored it... but I'm not sure if I like the color yet... I think I may go back to dark brown, oh well, time will tell.  

Pictures to come in near future.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Don't you just love a rainy day?  I absolutly adore them... 

I was thinking, would anyone like to come over to play games, drink hot chocolate, eat home-made salsa and get to know us better?  We are pretty cool people, who make pretty good salsa. 

Also, I cried watching Conan O'Brian last night.  I never thought I would EVER say that... I have been watching him for years now, I really hope he finds something with another network.  Team Coco all the way.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Our life just keeps taking so many different turns.  Charlie got the opportunity to go to school instead of join the air force as a grunt.... So, now Charlie is going to school and getting his BS... THEN he is joining the air force, in like, 4 years.  So, Springfield, we are here to stay! For now anyway.

This new development has put a damper on some of my plans of "walking away" from things I don't like here.  I guess I am just going to have to face them head-on and learn to live with them.  So that certain someone and particular situation I really despise is just going to have to be lived with... ugh, don't you just hate dealing with uncomfortable situations?

Now that everyone knows EXACTLY what I am talking about, I am going to change the subject...

I am very ready for spring... oh, delicious spring.
I am going to start shopping for Chickens.  Chickens that will lay eggs in the coop in my yard... or in bushes... or wherever they feel the need to lay eggs...

And, I am going to sew this dress.

Also, I would like to start having a game night once a month with friends.  Anyone up for it?

The end.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This morning...

I woke up craving the outdoors this morning... In fact, since it is above freezing, maybe we will go to Busiek...

Friday, January 15, 2010


I have gone through a ton of changes with my blog, but the final layout is here! thanks for the patience...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thats some good pie ya'll!

Sara Zahn loves her some Paula Deen.

Because everything is better with butter.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank you!

For those of you who helped- Thank you so much!

I looked through all of the suggestions and I believe I have come across the ONE I like the best :) And! It is in my price range!  So now I have ultra incentive! 135 lbs here I come!


I have 2 months until I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary :)

So, with that said... I have two months to lose 20 more lbs.  If I reach my goal, I am going to reward myself and get all dolled up with a new dress and heels.  I am a Huge fan of a classy, black dress and red lipstick look... but i have no idea where to even begin looking for ideas.  So, I am asking or help... I grew up only shopping two times a year, and even then I only bough jeans and t-shirts... So I am not good at the whole shopping thing AT ALL.  Please help me :S Anyone have any ideas??

Friday, January 8, 2010

Autumn's Birthday!  Yay!

This cake took me 4 hours (at least) to make. And it was SO worth it.

In other news, I have offically swept the last bit of Christmas out the door.  It feels amazing to have the cabin feeling clean and ready for spring.  Which, with it being 0 outside, I am SO ready for spring.

January is here as well, so the dreaded resolutions have decided to poke their heads into my life yet again.
I am not good a resolutions, but this year I think I smell the winds of change knocking at my door.

Here is what 2010 has in store for Sara Zahn:
1. Finally hit my wieghtloss goal ( 40 lbs down, 25 lbs to go)
2. Hubby will join the airforce, thus causing our little family to pack up and move.
3. We are taking a trip to the Florida Keys to do some camping and ocean swimming :)
4. I WILL make new friends ( I haven't done this for three years...) Go me!
5. I am going to do A LOT more sewing/knitting/baking, you know, the creative stuff.
6. Lastly, yet most importantly, I am going to kick my "severe depression/anxiety" out the window, I am sick and tired of it and I am ready for a very new me.

So, 2010 here I come!

And, to start things off right, anyone want to come over to our place for a game night? There will be free food :D

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Today is the Day!

It's Snowing!!!  

Your Invited!

What: Autumn's Birthday + Sledding + Hot Chocolate + CAKE! = Coolawesomefuntime

Who: Anyone and everyone who can make it to our home

When:  3:30 to whenever the snow melts

Where: Tiny Town
            1601 E 562nd Rd.
             Brighton, MO 65617