Friday, October 31, 2008


Whelp! Halloween was tonight!

We went to Spooktacular at the Zoo and then to Uncle Josh's to eat Chili...

And, for Autumn's first Halloween and first big holiday with us she dressed up as a....

*drum roll*

A woodland nymph! Complete with a crown and wings of sticks and leaves! She was so cute... Pictures are on there way :)

Emily and Steve came with us making it even more fun. As I type, we are all sitting in Dad's living room watching a Steve Martin movie. Steve dressed up as a mexican jack-o-lantern and Emily was... well... I am not sure... haha, but she was cute as usual.

Autumn is sleeping after a long day... She was so tired, it was really hard getting good photos of her costume. I might have to re-dress her up to take better pictures.

I have decided that it is IMPERATIVE that I get a camera. Too many important things are passing by without pictures being taken to document the memories. Sad day.

We almost have the house on Jefferson that we have been waiting For-ev-ver to get into. It is on 3 acres. It is going to take some serious cleaning and fixing up, but I believe it will be WAY worth it.

Seth has district Cross Country tomorrow! Wish him luck, I am sure he will do awesome.

I will post pictures of Autumn's costume as soon as I get um'. Until next time, adieu.

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