Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Wish List

I figured since everyone is putting down there wish lists on their blogs, I might as well join the crowd.

Here is my wish list for Christmas:

1.  I want Charlie to get into school.

2.  I want to finish Liam's stocking by Christmas eve.

3.  I want to finish all the presents I am making for everyone by at LEAST the day before Christmas eve.

4. 50 extra bucks to buy the last couple of presents I want to get Charlie.

5.  I want to have time to bake goodies for everyone.

6. I want people to actually like the goodies I make for them.

7. I want Liam to sleep through the night.

8. I want Charlie to like what I got him for Christmas. 

9. I want snow, and lots of it.

10. I want to be able to stay active and continue losing weight.

11. I want to get my Christmas cards out... preferably BEFORE Christmas.

12. I want a goat to eat the brush on our land.

13. I want Steve and Emily to come up with a responisble thing to do with their dog.

14. I want the scars on my legs to disappear. 

15. I want a nice evening with my husband that includes hot chocolate no screams from the kids.

And finally, I would like everyone in my family to be stress free and happy this Holiday season.

This is my wish list! Even if I was to only get a few of these things, I would be happy :)

Cheers and Happy Holidays.

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