Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This will be a pretty long post so please bear with me and feel free to stop reading if you get bored... Not that anyone actually reads my blog... 

I was completely spoiled this year! I am so excited about everything I got that I feel the strong urge to put it on here:


My dear husband got me the MSR Dragonfly backpacking stove and fuel bottle, a Gerber Clutch multi-tool, Carefree Clothes for Girls pattern book, a Nalgene water bottle (that doesn't break, even if you run it over with a car....), and both Charlie and I got a 14 gallon fish aquarium  that we are slowly putting together, Geoff gave us a whole load of Sandalwood incense and my parents got us the the Magic Bullet ( I have yet to use it, but I am VERY excited)

Ontop of all this, I got A LITTLE candy a lot of healthy snacks in my stocking... I guess Santa got the memo that I am trying to get back into shape:)

That reminds me,  my Christmas present to myself was... I am now at 155 lbs!! :D oh happy day!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! Happy New Year!


Tasha T said...

Ummm... We kind of got some of the same gifts!! I'm so jealous of your pattern book...perhaps this calls for a sewing day? Let me know!

Lissa said...

Looks like Santa and Robert were good to you this year. Yay for Christmas! Glad you got what you wanted.

Erica said...

Awesome christmas presents! And Great job on being dedicated to your weightloss goal!:) You do look marvelous! It was good to see you and your beautiful family. Happy New Year!