Monday, March 8, 2010

a tribute

I have a MASSIVE cold sore.  I hate it.  I always get them after being super sick.  I used to have them all the time in junior high and my freshman year of high school due to being really sick all the time, but I haven't gotten one in a long time.  Gr-oss.

Welcome SPRING! I am so thrilled to open my windows and smell the air.  Yesterday, outside was actually warmer than inside my home! (which actually isn't that hard, considering we have been living in the mid 50's for some time now).  We spent all day lying on the trampoline, envisioning the soon-to-be flower beds,   planning a garden and getting ready for the chicks I'll be bringing home in 3 weeks.  We set out our tents to air out and soaked up some seriously needed vitamin D.  Spring has never felt so good on my skin.

Today has been designated "Bust your butt, its spring cleaning day".  Believe me, I will be busting my butt.  SO much to do, so little time.  I'm the kind of person that loves throwing away things.  Well, or burning things, just as long as I am able to remove matter from my habitat.  Needless to say, a lot is going to be added to craigslist and the bonfire very soon.

We are going camping tonight, if all goes well...
"Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."  Lets just say the sunrise this morning was beautiful, a beautiful crimson. So, we shall see how the weather goes.  If it storms, the kids will be in the house and we will be out on the land.

We got a weasel! Well, actually, it is a ferret.  Her name is Heidi.  She is very small and likes to hop around.  I can already tell she will be a good addition to Tiny Town.

On a last note:  Shout out to Geoff and Kelly, who drove to Wyomin' this week.  Congrats guys on missing the most beautiful weather this year.

Oh, no pictures... well, here we go for fun:
In honor of my German heritage.

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Scott and Jenna said...

Ugh cold sores are lame. I used to brew a tea bag and put that on my cold sores. That usually helped them go away pretty quick. And are you going to have chickens?! I'm super jealous. I basically want to live on a farm in the middle of the city :P