Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This week

Did anyone see the sky around 5:30 this evening? 
It was gorgeous!. 

I took Autumn out on a little date to the movies to see The Gaurdians of Ga'hoole.
  I'm not gonna lie, I didn't have very high hopes for the movie, but I was surprisingly very impressed.  In fact, I liked it a lot :) 
We ate popcorn and drank sprite (things we don't get to do when Charlie is with us... He tends to care a lot about the prices...) 
We got to lounge in our own theater, feeling like princesses and not having to worry about bothering other people.
  It was great.
Actually, I think I may always go to the movies around 2 in the afternoon.  
Afterward we went to the store to get supplies for Liam's birthday tomorrow and his birthday get-together on Sunday. 
Let's just say Autumn was pretty tired by the time we were driving home...

Since Liam doesn't read my blog, I will tell what he got -

 I think he is going to be happy :)

I am currently planning his cake... I hope it turns out alright, so far its 3 tiers with a lot of homemade fondant... 
Lastly, (as if I didn't have a busy enough day) I am working on halloween costumes! Autumn is going to be Ponyo while Liam is going to be a Ninja.  
Tomorrow we are going to Spooktacular, followed by on Friday night the Trunk'n'Treat.  

I love halloween.
And birthdays.
What an awesome week!


ellen said...

Are you coming to Josh's? If so I can't WAIT to see Autumn! I love Ponyo so much!

Caty said...

I DID see the sky last night and I totally agree, it was amazing. I even took pictures. Though mine was slightly after 5:30... I probably missed the best parts. :)

giraffe said...

You got Liam Moby Dick!? Impressive.