Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas with the Zahns

We have a lot of newly born traditions in my little family.  
I say "newly-born", because they are only 4 Christmas's old, so they are still growing into true-blue traditions.  
We all open Pj's on Christmas Eve ( I try to do homemade for at least the kids) and with the comfy new sleep wear, we all get brand new wonderful, amazing, socks.
  There is nothing quite like new socks,...
they are heavenly to say the least. 
After that, we give Santa some Egg-Nog and Mexican Wedding Cookies and all head to bed.  
The next day is filled with wonderful goodies and the normal gift-giving celebration. 
Every year, Charlie get's a new season of BBC's All Creatures Great and Small.
  So, we usually sip all kinds of wonderful drinks and eat Summer Sausage and amazing cheese while having an All Creature's marathon. 
It is a simple holiday, but the simpleness is what makes it magical. 

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Lissa @ MyThriftyTreasures said...

Yep, the magic is in the simple things. Also, I LOVE that you love new socks. That was one of Annette's most favorite things in the world: the feeling of wearing new socks. She said if she could she'd never wear the same pair twice:) Love you guys! Merry Christmas!