Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am dreaming of the great outdoors today.

More specifically, late spring to late fall.  
This winter has been hard on the heart.
I can just barely taste roasted marshmallows and here the bugs chirping as you sit by the fire at night not being able to see past the people on the other side.  
I want to go floating and I want to hike.
I want to take road trips and I want to lay in the sun and take a nap.
I made a goal that I would have many adventures this go around, if only Missouri wasn't so indecisive on what season it wanted to be.

In other news, (literally the last post I did), I am getting 36 2" pots of succulent plants... next week. 
I also have plans to build a mini green house for inside my home 

and I want to get a few other flowers/veggies for my back deck.
Since I know so many ladies are just dieing for spring and I am really wanting to spend time with friends, I think I will have an "apartment-worthy-planting-party"  
If it is nice out, we can do it in the park next to where I live, if not I have a tarp to put down in my living room. 
If you want to come let me know on here or in the book of faces.
...I may even make cute little invites :)


Caty said...

Love it!

Tasha Early said...

yeaaaaahhh. I love parties. and plant. and apartments.