Thursday, April 14, 2011

*things that go bump in the night*

Caty, my friend over at The Bee's Knees, did a quirky little post about things that freak her out. 

It really got me thinking about what gives me butterflies (not the good kind).  

I am a little strange very strange.

I have many weird characteristics that make me, well, me. 

One of those things is my -love- of being scared.

It is so exhilarating! 

I love take time often out of my life to face and experience the things that absolutely terrify me.

So without further ado,  I would like to present:

Things that scare me to death
yet still intrigue me...

cars... underwater. 
I have this HUGE fear of driving off a bridge in a car. 
Can I handle falling off a bridge into water? yes. 
Can I handle a car accident NOT in water? yes. 
Something about the combo of the two things it just scares the b'jeezes out of me.

abandoned warehouses. 
I have a dream that occurs about once a month.  
Weird thing is, it is a lucid dream. 
The only thing I have no control over is walking into the building...
After that I am trapped there trying to run from a paranormal entity that is taking out the other random people with me.
You'd have to be there to get the creepiness factor from it.

 Okay, so this is a combo of 2 scarier-than-all-get-out things.
If you have been to Silver Dollar City, in idk, the past 50 years you will recognize this ride.
Fire in the Hole. 
Sure its a fun-filled ride perfect for the whole family to enjoy and love!
It comes complete with men in creepy masks, weird manikins, super dark scenes, random yelling and screaming noises, fake buildings burning down and last ( but certainly not least) a lynching.
Seriously, the scariest ride I have ever been on.
And, check out what you get to stare at in line before you ride!

 This, my friends, is a Baldknobber.  
Isn't he just so cute with his homemade mask and backwards jacket?  And to think that these men used to hide in caves and plan mobs and killings together...
Yeah, more like scare the crap out of me. 
Who came up with that uniform anyways?

...this needs no explanation. 

Great, now I have the hankerin' for a scary movie... 
What scares you?

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Lissa @ MyThriftyTreasures said...

PARKING GARAGES! I have seen way too many movies with tense and scary scenes in a parking garage where someone is out to get them: "State of Play" "Pelican Brief" is the WORST!

Something happening to my child of course is the paramount of my fears. Not in a good way.

I do hate being scared though. I don't enjoy anything about it. I'm weird in how easily I get freaked out. No, really!