Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting Started... Again.

The times have called for change so I have decided to start keeping track of our adventures and help let family and friends know what thrilling feats the Zahn's have conquered. So, welcome to the "Blog" of us, please make yourself a nice plate of cookies and some milk as that will help you have the warm sense of well-being that I hope comes from this.

Since Charlie and I got married our lives have changed drastically many, MANY times. We have moved 5 times, had about 8 different jobs, started and stopped school 3 times and have had way way too many different rescue animals to count. That has all happened in a year and 3 months. I think we are ready for a little stability for a change.

So here is our new beginning!
We are selling 99% all of our possessions, getting a new car, and driving ourselves 2,000 miles away from what we have known so far. By the end of July we will be in Arizona starting fresh, raising our daughter and going to school (again) It will be a rough start, but so was our first start. Things just haven't been working out right, nothing has been meshing... so a change of scenery will do us good. Lets just hope my little red-headed family survives the sun :)

I am excited to make up for some time lost with family in the great AZ. As I am a natural Arizonian I hope to breath in the familiar air and smile because I am not choking on the familiar humidity that has clogged my brain for so long. Missouri, I will miss your green... but I am oh so ready for this.


Tasha T said...

woohoo! BLOGS! I love blogs. I'll be reading. And commenting, but only if you want me to. :)

The Sorensens. said...

why hello cute little zahn family! thats exciting!!! it will be fun to have ya here-arizonas the place to be ya know! where you guys gonna be living??
love, aubry sorensen