Saturday, January 9, 2010


I have 2 months until I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary :)

So, with that said... I have two months to lose 20 more lbs.  If I reach my goal, I am going to reward myself and get all dolled up with a new dress and heels.  I am a Huge fan of a classy, black dress and red lipstick look... but i have no idea where to even begin looking for ideas.  So, I am asking or help... I grew up only shopping two times a year, and even then I only bough jeans and t-shirts... So I am not good at the whole shopping thing AT ALL.  Please help me :S Anyone have any ideas??


Caty said...

Dresses: has wonderful classy dresses that are completely modest.

Shoes: Bakers or Aldo (in the Battlefield mall or online)

Ma'ila Auwen said...

Shabby Apple is a company based out of Utah, so they cater to crowd interested in modesty, BUT they're dresses are super classy.
you can look at them here:

Down East also has pretty and modest dresses, they're prices are a little nicer...

If you really wanted to invest in a dress (as in spend a lot of money on one...) or just like to look at beautiful clothes, I'd check out Anthropologie ...ahh...their clothes are soo nice, if only I was a queen and could afford them...girls can dream though can't we? :)

Always keep in mind, Target caries cute things and sometimes you'll get lucky and find a nice dress there, or Actually now that I think of it, a great place to get dresses is Ross or Marshals...they carry a large variety because their dresses come from all sorts of other stores...

Hope that helps!

(Sorry I just scrolled up and saw the previous comment, suggesting shabby apple...beat me to the punch :)

ellen said...

Target. Always, always Target. Cute and very affordable.