Friday, January 8, 2010

Autumn's Birthday!  Yay!

This cake took me 4 hours (at least) to make. And it was SO worth it.

In other news, I have offically swept the last bit of Christmas out the door.  It feels amazing to have the cabin feeling clean and ready for spring.  Which, with it being 0 outside, I am SO ready for spring.

January is here as well, so the dreaded resolutions have decided to poke their heads into my life yet again.
I am not good a resolutions, but this year I think I smell the winds of change knocking at my door.

Here is what 2010 has in store for Sara Zahn:
1. Finally hit my wieghtloss goal ( 40 lbs down, 25 lbs to go)
2. Hubby will join the airforce, thus causing our little family to pack up and move.
3. We are taking a trip to the Florida Keys to do some camping and ocean swimming :)
4. I WILL make new friends ( I haven't done this for three years...) Go me!
5. I am going to do A LOT more sewing/knitting/baking, you know, the creative stuff.
6. Lastly, yet most importantly, I am going to kick my "severe depression/anxiety" out the window, I am sick and tired of it and I am ready for a very new me.

So, 2010 here I come!

And, to start things off right, anyone want to come over to our place for a game night? There will be free food :D


Lissa said...

GREAT start on the baking resolution with that cake. SOOOOOOO AMAZING! My mouth seriously dropped open. Fabulous...Good luck with the moving. Let us know where you go, we may end up there too. My B-I-L is in the Air Force JAG.

Ma'ila Auwen said...

This sounds like its guna be a great year!!!

Erica said...

Wow that cake is AWESOME! How did you do that? And I know you will do great with those resolutions! Keep up the good work you have already started last year and please have a great time in Florida! I wish I could go there right about now. haha.