Saturday, February 20, 2010


        I woke up this morning to a tapping at the sliding glass door that seperates my bedroom from the rest of the house.  I had just gotten Liam back to sleep and was getting ready to get out of bed myself.  I turned to the door and gasped.  Autumn was COVERED head to toe in chocolate.  Not ONE speck of her was left unscaved. I started to panic, I had left the peanut-butter bars I made for charlie out on the stove last night... She must hav climbed the baby gate, gone into the kitchen, pulled up a stool to the oven, then dug her hands in.  I got out of bed threw on some pj pants and dragged my feet to the kitchen, imagining the inevatably ruined dessert I had worked on last night.  It would be so sad to see it destroyed, a whole pan of delicious peanut butter chocolate bars gone to waist.  I turned the light on in the kitchen and screamed in my head the loudest my brain could handle.  She had not gotten into the bars... she hadn't even touched them.  She had instead opened up my mushroom-shaped jar and found my very expensive, very rich, dutch cocoa powder.  I had about a lb of it in that jar, now the jar was empty.  Instead, I had a chocolate covered kitchen and child to match.  Willy Wonka seems to have some competition over here in Tiny town.... Not one surface had been left clean, all had been covered.  Has anyone ever tried to clean up a cocoa powder mess?  It doesn't conveniently wipe up with a rag, instead it smears... Lets just say I was not a happy camper this morning.
When I had finally gotten Autumn and the kitchen of death cleaned up I was in for another terrible experience.  I was headed into Autumn's room to get a diaper, when I looked on the floor of the hallway and found a mouse.  It was dead alright, that isn't what bothered me.  It was the little babies that clung to their deceased mother that trully traumatized me.  I am not ashamed to say that I broke down right there on the floor.  I crumpled like a wet noodle onto the ground and sobbed, sobbed for the mouse that died, sobbed for the babies that lost their mother, sobbed because they would soon pass as well, and, I sobbed for myself as well.  After about 5 minutes of crying on the wood floor of my living room, I got my composure and went to get a diaper and put Autumn in her room (not that she couldn't get out, it was just something to slow her down) I looked down at the mice and went to go get toilet paper to dispose of the mother.  I picked her up by the tail and all the babies held on, I tried to keep my straight face, but the tears still strolled down my face.  Finally 2 of the babies let go and ran, the third ran under my oven.  Great, now they are gone and one is under my oven... So, I did the only thing I could think of, I put the mother mouse on the floor of my kitchen in front of the oven.  I was going to trick that poor baby mouse into thinking their mother was there... sick, I know... But by this point I had to lose my emotions and just get buisness done.  So, now, I have a dead mouse in my kitchen and a baby mouse under the stove.

I need to stop complaining, I know I am blessed.  I just feel miserable right now.
I wish I could have some chocolate...


Gail said...

As miserable as that sounds now, it sounds like a hilarious story later. Just stay positive!

Scott and Jenna said...

What a bad way to start the day!!! I wish I was there to help clean up, and I really wish you had taken pictures of that cute Autumn covered in chocolate :)