Thursday, April 8, 2010


My favorite little girl...

I love your sweet smile.
I love way you say goodbye to all the trees as we drive past them. 
I love your soft red hair and how you never let me touch it without crying.
I love your dances.
I love how you say "Goodmorning!"
I love how you always want a cookie.
I love how you love to walk around barefoot in the yard.
I love your blue eyes.
I love that you love dirt.
I love the little songs you make up on the piano.
I love the songs you sing.
I love the way you giggle when you are being tickled.
I love when you rub noses with me.
I love your little toes.
I love when you try so hard to run fast but it is only as fast as you can walk.
I love your kisses and hugs.
I love to cuddle with you.
I love you for whoever you are and who that person will become.

                                            My dear little Autumn, I love you with all my heart.

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