Monday, August 9, 2010

Fresh Start

I am on an adventure of self discovery
I am finally figuring out who exactly I am and what I want to achieve to be.  
One thing that I am slowly doing is reorganizing/redecorating my home.  I'm moving room to room and its proving to be a much larger and slower task than I had imagined.  So far I have the bathroom, laundry area, entertainment area and one half of the kitchen complete.  The difficult part has been making it "my own" without having a budget, meaning... I am spending nothing on decor.  Everything I am using is something that I have come across for free, or (to be honest) found outside.  We'll see how it turns out in the end.  I have been surprised a little at how I have risen to the challenge, for example I couldn't afford a comforter set for my bedroom, so I took a sheet and I painted it and sewed it onto the front of our old comforter.  It may look completely odd, but I am proud of it non-the less.  I hope to be done by the end of the week with my "new" home, and will post some "I'm proud of the hard work and love I have put into this place" pictures. :)
In other news, my home isn't the only thing getting a face lift.  I guess I'll just skip the small talk and go straight to saying that I haven't really been taking care of myself for like, I don't know... since I had Autumn?  I've neglected my skin, weight, clothes, hair... It's really very sad.  I have ceased being Sara, and have become a blah-person. So, I am taking charge of things again.  Slowly, I will get rid of all my clothes and build a wardrobe that is meant for a Sara.  And I am going to save up some money to get some skin care products and new makeup ( I have had the same makeup for about 18 months now... ugh)  I am going to start making myself get up earlier than my kids for once so I can have time to exercise and take care of myself in the morning! 
AND! Just to add some more excitement, I am registering at MSU tomorrow! I will be a student again, learning and growing! My mind has been begging to absorb some much needed education.  I think I have exhausted all the documentaries I could get my hands on.  I will be a wildlife biology major at MSU until I transfer in 2 years to a different school... Needless to say, this is long overdue.  I feel so happy just thinking about it.  Welcome back to me :)

I would like to end this little post with a picture of one of my favorite places, I'm so happy to think that I am going to be calling it home again in a couple years.  


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Anonymous said...

I think everyone goes through this at one time or another in their life. I'm proud of you Sarajane!..but to be honest I don't see that you have so negected yourself. Your are and have always been beautifulllll!. Love ya and Have fun with school.