Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Student

Hooray for starting school!  I am stoked.  I am just getting my transfer degree, but I think these next two years are going to fly by.  Once the husband and I both have our Associates, we are relocating to Corvallis OR to attend OSU.  It is there I am to become a Marine Biologist :)  It's a couple years away, but there is so much to do! I just hope we can get everything in order in time.  We are super excited about what the next couple of years bring and starting a new chapter in our lives.
P.S. Missouri is gorgeous today, in fact all of my windows and doors are open.  Super low humidity and in the low 80's??  Ontop of that, its supposed to be like this a couple more days.  Aw yeah.


Prometheus said...

Enjoy that beautiful weather! i am glad that you are starting school:). I miss school a lot sometimes. Good luck! I am sure you guys will get everthing together!

-Erica Asbell

ellen said...

that sounds so cool! post some pictures, i want to see!