Sunday, March 6, 2011


This month marks 4 years married.
It is crazy how fast this time has gone by.  
My mother called me the other day and reminded me of a goal I had set 
that was close at hand.
Charlie and I met at a YSA dance and short story made very short, we fell in love fast and got engaged in 6 days.  Different factors at the time caused us to want to spend as little money as possible and also not have the time to plan a wedding at all.  I didn't mind at the time, but as time went on I was sad that I didn't get a dress or a ring or have a fun reception with cake and dancing.  So, my husband and I  agreed that on our 5 year anniversary, we would have a Renew our vows/ Reception for family and friends and well, for us.  
I had completely forgotten about this goal due to time and our lives becoming very busy,  until my mother reminded. 
So... Starting now, I am planning a wedding.  
Not just a wedding, but a St. Patrick's day party full of good food, good music and lots of fun.
This is really exciting!


Ma'ila Auwen said...

I wana come! I don't care if its across the country, it sounds fun! Btw...i love that you love old/abandoned houses, I think theyre cool too, I think we should share pictures of cool houses we find with eachother

Beth said...

sounds very cool

ellen said...

that's wonderful! it's going to be awesome. :)