Friday, September 2, 2011

Home, sweet home

It seems my life revolves around changes... Which can make for some hectic times.

Charlie and I have been planning and saving for our move to Newport, OR for the past 6 months.  We had planned to move there next summer.

Yesterday, Charlie came home after having a meeting with one of the leading research professors at MSU.  With a painful stare, he asked me if we could stay in Missouri.  The research that he needs to get into for medical school needed to start right away and if he was to stop and change schools in the middle it could greatly effect his application to med school.

I am... sad (more like my heart aches).  We have dreamed about living in Oregon next to the ocean.  The idea was neatly stitched into the fabrics of ourselves so much that removing the thread feels like everything else is going to unravel.

Needless to say, we will not be venturing northwest (yet).

Everyone goes through hard financial times... This summer has proven to be a beast for us.  I have made plans to travel next summer to Africa for a month to work on a wildlife rehabilitation center.  My dates are scheduled, I just need to pay the rest of the money and book a flight.  I have set aside the money, but there is still a bit of question.  Should I go? We could use the money to get a second car... We could use the money for savings or to move into a place closer to school...

It is proving really hard *mentally* for me to put so much money into something just for me.  I am starting to lean more towards postponing the trip until next year.  

Staying in Missouri has also opened up opportunities that would have seemed reckless if we were to move.  The thoughts of adding a little munchkin to my crew comes to mind...

One thing is for sure changes are scary, but changing is always good.  I can and will make the best of these new ideas.

Completely off subject, but I have been aching for a new book to read. 


Peeps said...

Awe, Sarah! I hope everything works out, and all of your hopes and dreams come true! :) Hmmm... I can help with a good book suggestion- some of the ones we've recently read my RS Bookclub were good: The Help, These is My Words (The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine), The Lemon Tree, and The Anatomy of Peace. The last two weren't bookclub books, but I would recommend them. Hmm.. also, if you haven't read "The Hiding Place"- it's one of my favorite books, if not my favorite book. Ma'ila gave it to me while we were in school. Good luck with all of your guys' decisions!

Caty said...

I am SO sorry about the postponing of Oregon! Timing is everything in this life and perhaps this will open up many different opportunities you wouldn't have otherwise. I personally think you should pursue your dreams of going to Africa. I think it would be good for your soul. But that's just me. As for books... GIRL. Come over here to my place and look through my collection. I have everything from biographies to teenage angst-love stories to classics!