Saturday, September 17, 2011

I must be crazy

Life is all about learning.  You learn new things everyday.  Some small, some huge and some in-between.

The newest lesson I am planning for my near future is what I would consider a -huge- lesson.

Restoration of a 1956 Philco Fridge.

Our new place has a very small fridge without a freezer... and well it is gross.  So I have been on the search for a new fridge.

I found one! Okay, okay... It isn't exactly new.  But it will be gorgeous when I am done with it.  You can see my vision can't you?  Well... I will give you a hint-


Caty said...

I think it sounds GREAT! I love retro kitchen appliances and yours is going to look awesome when you're finished!

Jennifer said...

Did you end up restoring your fridge?? I just bought one just like yours, but its missing some shelves :( any chance I can buy some of your shelves from you? These parts aren't exactly easy to find! haha. I would LOVE to see the fridge if you did end up restoring it :)